Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Winds In Full Force

In one of my earlier blogs I stated that we had a great week of weather and that the usual spring winds weren't that bad. Well mother nature sure has made up for that! It has been an extremely windy month of April and the past 2 weeks have been the worse. This past week we have had 20 mph plus winds almost every day. I have only ventured out 4 days during this period and we did catch some fish, but it was really bumpy out there. I'm a fishing guide that would rather be safe and try to reschedule a trip, than going out on every trip regardless of the weather conditions. I don't like to miss out on my scheduled trips, but is it really worth all the hassle? Safety and catching fish are my main concerns for my customers. I'm not trying to tell other guides how to run their business, but I do question how some guides will put your safety in jeopardy or just take your money for a fishing trip that they know you are not going to enjoy. Sure there are some days when we can get out there on windy days and catch some nice fish. I'm sure we all have had those days, but they are not that common. Most of the time when we have 20 mph plus windy days, the fishing all over suffers. What about protected shore lines? Yes they can be your best chance to catch fish and that is where I would go, but the fish have to be there for that to be successful. Not only are we getting these very windy days, we are in a serious drought. The schools of fish are really spread out right now. The bays are very salty and fish are everywhere. The concentrated schools of fish that we are usually on this time of the year just aren't there this year yet. Now all this being said as soon as these winds lay and we get some rain, things will change. I'm looking forward to that day! Well be safe out there and good luck fishing.

Capt. Alan
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