Monday, March 28, 2016


 I hope all of you had a happy Easter and great Spring Break. Even though the weather didn't cooperate too well with us as far as fishing is concerned, we still had some great trips & we had lots of fun. Galveston Bay fishing can be a bit inconsistent for bay outings during the Spring time. This is because the wind & rain seem to be a weekly occurrence. Like I always say in my Galveston Bay fishing reports, "Give us good weather & we can give you good fishing!" Now we still had some great trips, especially at the jetties. The north & south jetties have been producing limits of sheephead, redfish & drum. The jetties can be a great alternative this time of the year. As the weather settles down & the water warms up, the speckled trout will be more consistent. I look for a really good trout & redfish year this year. We had a mild winter & the rains we have been getting should school the specks up in certain areas of the bays. We are still using live shrimp under a MidCoast cork for our bay outings & live shrimp with a slip weight at the jetties. The key for fishing the jetties is getting close to the rocks & using the proper size weight according to the current. If you can't get close to the rocks, try a heavier weight & fish straight down to avoid getting hung up. When fishing is tough in the bays searching for specks, try to find the cleanest water & pop those corks. I want to thank all our clients that went out with us over Spring Break & this past week. Fishing only gets better & better as we approach summer, so if you would like to book or reserve a trip give me a call at 832-606-0844. Until next time, see you on the water.

Capt. Alan



Monday, March 7, 2016

Galveston Fishing Report 3-7-16

Galveston Fishing Report  On Friday my brother Capt. Steven took out a real good customer of ours Mark Marvin and his 2 friends Randy & Isreal. Mark has gone out with me & Steven on multiply occasions over the past couple of years. Needless to say he has had some excellent outings. Steven said they were the 1st boat to head out and at the 1st spot, they started catching some specks. All 3 of them were catching some trout & the action was good. They were catching some good keeper trout along with some throw backs. After a couple of hours of fishing, that spot got a bit crowded and Steven made a move to another area. After trying 2 more spots and trying to catch some redfish, they decided to head in. The redfish weren't cooperating on this day. Again Mark had another great day on the water and Randy & Isreal really enjoyed it too. They ended up boxing 24 nice trout. They were using live shrimp under some MidCoast corks. Drifting open areas worked best.
 This week looks questionably for fishing. Some thunderstorms are forecasted for Tuesday & Wednesday. The wind forecast is not favorable either. Hopefully we can get out by Thursday or Friday. I will keep you informed. Well until next time, see you on the water.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Galveston Bay Fishing Report 2-2-16

Galveston Bay Fishing Report:  On Saturday my brother Steven took Kyle & Doc out. At the 1st spot Kyle & Doc stated catching some trout. They had to throw back some undersized one's but they ended up keeping 15 trout. They also had fun catching some redfish and a huge sheephead. Steven said they had a great time on the water. On Tuesday I took James & David out and they really had one of those days that anglers dream about. For the 1st couple of hours they were catching trout after trout. We had 5 specks that were over 21 inches. We left the trout biting after their 20 fish limit and went searching for some redfish. It took awhile, but James finally hooked into a 26 inch red and then after missing a few fish he caught a 27 inch red. After about 30 minute David got into the action catching a 29 inch red. After a couple more bites, we decided to headed in. On both trips we were using live shrimp under a cork. Seems like the more they would pop that cork, the more bites they would get. We are starting to get busy with calls & bookings, so if you would like to get out on the water please give us a call. The fishing from here on out will just get better as the water starts to warms up. Until next time, see you on the water.

Capt. Alan
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