Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fishing Show - Spring Break Special

Well we had our annual Fishing Show at the George B. Conv. Center this past week and again we had a very successful show. This time of the year is very exciting for us because we traditionally start fishing on a regular basis. The phone starts ringing and our regular customers along with new ones start booking fishing trips. The weather is still kinda tricky during March and April so we offer a special for $375.00. We go to the jetties or some near shore reefs and catch a variety of species. We don't target speckled trout, we catch red fish, sheep head, puppy drum, over sized drum, whiting, sand trout and bull croaker. These are great trips for kids, families and anglers who want an exciting day on the water. The schools of speckled trout usually move in around the beginning or middle of April and are much more consistent, so we will target them then.

While I was at the Fishing Show there was a lot of talk about a gas ser-charge and the possible 5 trout limit all along the entire Texas Gulf Coast. Well I talked to a friend of mine that works for the TP&W Dept. and he said that at the last scope meeting in Austin in January, the decision was made against the proposed 5 trout limit for the upper coast. He told me that all the data on our speckled trout supports that they are in excellent shape and there is no need for a change in our daily limits. Of course that is great news for me and my business, but what is really important is knowing that our fishery is in such great condition! Regardless of your opinion or mine for or against a 5 tout limit, our speckled trout are not in decline and there is data supporting that they are actually in as good of shape as the 1990s. This is good for all of us and especially our youth.

Now as far as the gas ser-charge goes, there are some mixed opinions about this subject. I wanted to get the opinions of other guides on this matter. What most of the guides are saying is that they are planning on charging a ser-charge and others are planning on just going up on there trip prices altogether. Now I would love to hear from some of you and get your opinion on this subject. My opinion is I think my brother and I will have to charge a gas ser-charge if the gas reaches $4.00 a gallon. I don't want to include a gas charge in my trip rates and just charge more across the board. If we charge a ser-charge then when the gas prices fall, we can stop the ser-charge and just charge our regular trip fees. Well I hope to hear from some of you, it is real easy to sign up for this blog. You don't have to worry about your privacy or any spam. Google only wants your e-mail add. and a password so they can verify that you are not a spammer, that you are of age (13) and a real human. (not a computer) I am going to start posting some fishing reports on here soon. Look foward to your comments.

Capt. Alan
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